Photo by Vinesh Kumaran

Photo by Vinesh Kumaran


A living reminder of the places, and times, we come from.

Bridging two cultural programs, Auckland Heritage Festival and Art Week, this project encouraged residents from within Auckland’s developing areas to celebrate the heritage of their neighbourhood through storytelling and photographs from every era. Locals contributed their own images to a public exhibition, and a photographer from the area responded with a photo essay.

Across Auckland
2016 – 2018
Client: Panuku Development Auckland
Collaborators: Jody Yawa McMillan, HoodEd, Inkyeong Jang (Julie), Stjohn Milgrew, No Six, Sophie Prendergast, Daniel Chen, Vinesh Kumaran, Emil McAvoy, Stephen Piper, Bernie Harfleet and DonnaTurtle Sarten, Grant Priest, Frances Atkins, Toni Mosley

Concept Development, Branding, Social Media Management, Website Creation and Management, Production, Community Engagement and Facilitation, Curation, Project Delivery