Constructive Construction

We flip construction on its head and turn it into a positive experience. From making people smile, building the community alongside the development, keeping people engaged, and giving people reasons to keep coming to the place.   We can work across your teams and methods, or provide you with bespoke ideas.

Hoardings & Creative Touchpoints

We engage the public through creative, fun and practical ways.   It’s not about showing what will be there in years to come, it’s about engaging people in the now. It’s about engaging people in the now, and the future. We make change is exciting through a variety of creative, fun and practical concepts.

Place Activation & Participation

Create reasons for the people to come to the place and enable the community to get involved with the change. the area and enable the community you’re disrupting to get involved.  

Community Engagement

Use creative physical and digital methods, to induce genuine engagement with the community near and far. digital ad and digital methods for genuine engagement with the community, near and far.